December 10, 2015

Looking forward to Spring

Our kitchen garden is left dormant over the winter. The last things left in it are some carrots and leeks which we are harvesting as we use them. In January the pigs will get put onto the garden patch to clear it up before we start again for the next spring. The polytunnel is not used as efficiently as we would like due to time constraints at the moment so my winter planting plan went by the wayside so all that is in it is some beetroot, lettuce, spinach, herbs, sprouting broccoli and garlic. It is nice to have some fresh salad greens over the winter months.

The orchard is looking bare. There are three trees with apples still attached and they will get collected over the next month as they ripen. It is amazing how the different apples types react to the different weather each year – for example, we had lots of large Peche Melba apples this year compared to the last two years for example but less of things like the Glenstal cookers. The plan is to do a really good prune at the beginning of the new year as the trees were a bit neglected last year as I was away at pruning time.